There are many important issues that impact the city of Gaithersburg on a daily basis. Here are my thoughts on a few:

Economic and Business Development – Gaithersburg is a great place to do business, and the city has a big role in making this a reality. Whether it is cutting through the “red tape” to expeditiously process permits or inspections, ensuring a transparent, deliberative and reliable process for approval of development projects, or providing innovative initiatives to foster economic growth, the city’s role should be as a partner to industry. After all, a business-friendly government means that local businesses want to stay here, and new businesses want to come here, and that is great for the city. I look forward to working with the city staff, Office of Economic Development, and the entire Gaithersburg business community to ensure that local businesses have the support and tools available from the city to succeed.

Fiscal Responsibility – I am a strong supporter of the city’s zero-debt, pay-as-you-go policy. I will work to ensure that the city remains lean and efficient, emphasizes a policy of conservative spending, and has a plan to ensure the city remains debt free for generations to come.

Our Schools – Our schools are some of the best in the county and State thanks in no small part to our wonderful students, teachers and parents. However, our schools are overcrowded, and are only expected to become more crowded in the years to come. This is unacceptable. I will be a passionate advocate for our schools and will work to ensure that the residents of Gaithersburg are provided adequate facilities for their children to be educated. I believe that through the Gaithersburg community, including its city leaders, we can bring attention to and solve the capacity issues impacting our schools. That is why I am involved with grass-roots efforts to address school capacity issues here in Gaithersburg, and am an active member of the Brown Station Elementary School PTA, where my son currently attends school.

Public Safety – As a former military and federal prosecutor, I have had the honor to work closely with law enforcement officials for many years. I know how difficult their jobs are, how vital their services are to the community, and that they need our support. Whether it be equipment, manpower or training, I will make it a priority to provide the Gaithersburg Police Department with enough resources to succeed at protecting and serving the residents of Gaithersburg. I also believe that the city’s public safety officers work best when working with the community and inside the community. That is why I am an active participant on the city’s Police Advisory Committee as the council liaison, and why I have made engaging with local law enforcement a priority. I look forward to working closely with the Gaithersburg community as a member of the city council to ensure that the city is meeting their public safety needs.

Smart Growth – Part of what makes the city great are the new, vibrant developments that are joining the Gaithersburg community, as well as the thriving, established communities that have made the city a wonderful place to live for many years. I believe that growth starts with the community, and that community interests and expectations must be heard and considered in all of the city’s development decisions. I believe that effective, transparent and predictable planning is the best way to ensure that the city’s traditional residential and commercial communities exist harmoniously with our new, urban mixed-use developments. I believe in complete streets, ensuring that all modes of transportation are prioritized by the city in its planning decisions. Most of all, I believe that the city will benefit from smart planning now, to ensure that we have a robust transportation network in the future, including walkable streets and neighborhoods, as well as a complete, accessible and robust shared-use bicycle network.   I look forward to prioritizing smart growth issues in my next term on the city council.